The Awakening

I spent awhile this morning talking to a business contact about the state of our Union. He was less optimistic that I am that the corruption and back room deals that have ruled Washington for decades can be changed back into what our founding fathers envisioned: a republic ran by the people and for the people.
I read yesterday that the White House made a deal with labor unions to exempt them from the health care taxes proposed in the current legislation. And I thought, why aren’t more people outraged by this? Are we accepting the premise now that if you contribute money and help get a candidate elected then you will be cut sweetheart deals down the road? How is that “for the people and by the people”?

Then today I read that Scott Brown is statistically tied with Martha Coakley for the MA Senatorial race. Scott Brown has campaigned on being the 41st vote necessary to stop this travesty of a health care reform bill. The bill is so bad that even Democrats with a filibuster-proof majority have to cut deals with Democratic Senators and Representatives just to get it passed. Add to that the fact that Democrats outnumber Republicans 3 to 1 in Massachusetts and it is really remarkable how well Scott Brown is polling.

So yeah, I am optimistic that there is an awakening in this country. People see 14 plus trillion dollars in debt and realize that we are indebting our children’s children with liabilities that can’t be paid. People see that it is no longer the will of the people, but rather the agenda of the large pocket book special interests and big business that are shaping policy. It is interesting to note that Scott brown has raised nearly 1 million dollars a day from small online donations from individuals across the country. Martha Coakley held fund raisers this week with lobbyists from health insurance companies and big pharmaceutical companies.

But the people are catching on. We saw government getting too big to succeed under the last couple presidents and it seems to only be accelerating. We don’t want cradle-to-grave entitlement programs that keep people dependent on the government for everything from food to jobs to health care. This country was founded on individual freedoms, responsibility and opportunity. That is who the United States of America is. Good morning America. Rise and shine. We have a country to take back; not from Democrats or Republicans or from a particular politician. Once removed, those powers will sneak back in. We must remove the culture of Washington that has been perverted over the decades into something George Washington would not recognize. We must replace it with people who share the values that we hold dear as Americans. As a fan of Superman, I like to call it “Truth, Justice and the American Way”.

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