About Jamie Rudolph

I am not a blogger. I am just a woman who cares about America and loves to write. I get frustrated with the never-ending blame game in Washington, the corruption of those in power on both sides of the aisle  and the screamers calling names on the right and the left.

I realize that 99% of Democrats are not Socialists and 99% of Tea Partiers don’t dislike President Obama because he is black. I can have civil, honest discussions with those I disagree with. Matter of fact, I really enjoy it. It holds what I believe to the fire and makes me know why I believe as I do. Sometimes it makes me see a valid point of view I had not seen before. I just wanted a place online to have respectful discourse. Sadly, I couldn’t find one. So I created PurpleGround.

3 Responses to About Jamie Rudolph

  1. Gidget Woodward says:

    Hi Jamie!
    My Dad (Gil Jarrell) put me onto your blog. It is great! You write with a wonderful sense of integrity, passion and clarity. Your mom must be proud of you, I’m sure. Your an inspriration to me because I’ve been considering doing a blog myself as I too love to write, just haven’t narrowed it down yet to the subject matter or maybe it doesn’t matter. : ) Anyway, just wanted to say HI! and to congratulate you on your blog.

  2. Thanks Gidget. Definately start a blog! It is cathartic. And it can evolve over time.
    Thanks for reading and let me know if you start a blog of your own!

  3. Emerson says:

    Hey Jamie,
    This is your Tech buddy lol we met last week on the plane had a great conversation with you and really learned a lot from you. I decided to check out your page and had a great read on your articles. Keep on going strong, we Americans need to find the common ground, the Purple Ground.

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