A Tale of Two Visions

There is a  shining example this week of the great divide between the accepted wisdom in Washington and truth that the American people know.

Yesterday Joe Biden told the audiance at a political rally that “Every single great idea that has marked the 21st century, the 20th century and the 19th century has required government vision and government incentive.”

Let that complete break with reality sink in. Edison invented the lightbulb because he was inspired by the government? Singer came up with the sewing machine because the government incentivized him? Otis and the elevator, Bill Gates and Microsoft, Steve Jobs and Apple, Henry Ford and the assembly line, all because of government vision?

This is not another gaffe by foot-in-mouth Biden, this is a glimpse into a world view that is up for a vote on November 2nd. Do we believe that government creates jobs? History has shown us that in times of economic hardship small business creates 80% of the jobs in a recovery.

In fact, government doesn’t just not create jobs, it often does a pretty good job at destroying jobs. Manufacturing and exports are the lost jobs. America no longer is the world’s bread basket either. In America today, 70% of our economy is based on our own consumption. Fifty percent of that is based on services.

If you look at industries and companies highly managed by government or subsidized by tax payers, the picture isn’t pretty. Amtrak and the Post office run at a loss while their private sector competitors FedEx and CSX turn a profit. Anyone want to compare GM and the “green jobs” created by the “electric” car (well, sort of) “the Volt” to Ford? Guess which company is posting a profit? The one who didn’t take a dime of bailout money.

This election is not about R versus D. Republicans and Democrats have both been for big government and growing their own power. This is an election about the fundamental principle in America of limited government, maximum individual liberty and  free enterprise.

You have a clear choice. Now, go vote. Grab 2 friends and get them to vote. If you agree with Joe Biden then vote for the candidates that he is endorsing. If you believe that America’s exceptionalism comes not from “government incentive” and “government vision” but from profit incentive and entrepreneurs’ vision, then vote for the candidate that stands up and says “put in me power so I can reduce my power”. If you can’t find that candidate, then keep looking.

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4 Responses to A Tale of Two Visions

  1. Jeanne Guzman says:

    I hope as people share this blog and others like it, we can restore common sense to our younger generation. It seems like the truth has been spun in such a way as to make the entreprenuer or capitalist look like the bad guy. When I worked for the grocery store, the union used to tell us our employers were “evil” all the time. But I was smart enough to know then that if they, the employers, kept making a profit, that was job security for me. The unions actually put up a wall between emplyees and employers harming the relationship and rewarding those who did NOT work hard.
    I don’t believe we can really return to our founding principles until we return common sense to the generations younger than myself. This blog helps to do that. Thanks!

  2. Very well stated Jamie. It also amazes me how crazy the elitist thinking in Washington is. I wonder if Biden has any actual examples to support his outrageous claims…

    I also appreciate Jeanne’s commentary about her experiences with the grocery store union.

    5th paragraph – In fact, government doesn’t just not create jobs, it often does a pretty good job AT destroying jobs. 

  3. Walter McCarthy says:

    Both extremes are wrong.

    Apollo Program: Mix of appropriated monies and private industry.
    Transcontinental Railroad: Mix.
    Federal/State Highway System: Mix.
    Internet: Public Universities, private sector, DoD.
    Creation of National Parks/public lands: Mix.

    The list goes on and on…

    • Jeanne Guzman says:

      Joe’s comment did not seem to infer that the government cannot work well with the private sector in some cases. He’s comment about “all” inovation being rooted in government is what is so ridiculous. I personally believe that government does anything the private sector could do at at least 3 to 4 times the cost. Even the military.

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