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The Fed, QE2, Monopoly Money and the Price of Milk

If you are like me, phrases like “quantitative easing”, “monetizing the debt” and “inflationary policies” make my eyes glass over. I don’t have a degree in economics. I want to trust smarter, or at least more economically educated, people than … Continue reading

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Welcome to Purple Ground – Where everyday red and blue people find common ground

A Citizen’s Blog Purple Ground is based on the idea that red and blue Americans who love their country can find common ground on principles. We love America We know that Freedom is not free and we honor our troops … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Visions

There is a  shining example this week of the great divide between the accepted wisdom in Washington and truth that the American people know. Yesterday Joe Biden told the audiance at a political rally that “Every single great idea that has … Continue reading

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Fear and the American Dream are Incompatible.

If we understand what has made America the most prosperous nation on earth we can restore that prosperity anytime it is in jeopardy.  The answer to understanding America’s economic success is found in the idea of “The American Dream”. Historian James … Continue reading

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Why Seniors Can Preserve America’s Greatness

Our seniors are our county’s greatest asset. The tragedy is that many young people do not see them for the treasure that they are. Our older generation is the wisdom of our nation. They have worked, built business, immigrated from … Continue reading

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A Passion Born of Necessity

I was talking to a coworker today about the upcoming elections. “I don’t really follow politics,” he said. “I rarely even vote.” Of course my colleague is not alone. Voter turnout is usually around 60% of those eligible to vote, … Continue reading

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I Want to Talk to Democrats. Please Help Me Understand

Sometimes I think that our country has become so polarized and so emotional in that divide that we can’t even have conversations anymore about principles and, hopefully, find common ground. It’s so much easier to only discuss politics with people … Continue reading

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The Wisdom, not the Right: What Do Building a Mosque and Burning a Koran Have in Common

The President felt compelled to comment on the mosque developers right to build a mosque at ground zero, but said that he would not comment on the wisdom of that decision. I don’t think anyone questions the developers’ constitutional right … Continue reading

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Me and Half a Million Friends in DC in Support of Faith, Hope and Charity

My mom and I and about 500,000 friends went to Washington DC last weekend for the “Restoring Honor” rally on the Mall.(picture from the event to the right)To be at the Mall in DC between the Washington Monument and the … Continue reading

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Thank God the Government is there is there to Help Us Eat Better; Too Bad We Have to Pay for It.

I was just surfing the news before bed and I ran across a story that demonstrates in a few hundred words exactly what is wrong with the policies of our current elected leaders. gist of it is that the U.S. … Continue reading

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